• Bauer · Perrot · Miller / Ferrari

  • Bauer, Perrot and Miller or Ferrari are heavy duty quick couplings used in agricultural, irrigation, cleaning and construction applications. They are produced in carbon steel usually with galvanizing or without by blackened process, and optional in stainless materials.
  • We have them available in the range of 2" ~ 8", and with tails for hose diameters 50mm ~ 200mm.
  • Quality Galvanizing

  • Galvanized steel is widely used in applications where corrosion resistance is needed without the cost of stainless steel. Bauer series are applied with either hot-dipped galvanizing or electroplating, of thickness 40µm passing in-house salt water spray test.
  • StandardNSS ¹
    Solution5% Nacl
    pH Value6.5 ~ 7.2
    Testing Hours48 hrs
    Chamber Temp.35 ± 2 °C
    ¹ NSS: Neutral salt spray test per ISO 9227.
  • Zero Welding

  • Body tubes of bauer couplings are commonly made by welding scrolled metal plates. That is economical, fast but less consistent in extreme conditions like dramatic temperature change or in touch with aggressive fluids. Welding line tends to crack and gets corroded in time.
  • Therefore a flow forming production line is introduced for high-end quality steel tubing. Flow forming is a volumetric rotary forming process to manufacture axis-symetric hollow parts mainly cylindrical components.
  • Gripping Collar

  • Serration or multiple collar is usually applied on Bauer hose tails. Better friction force can be achieved inside the hose with it after assembly.
  • Sharp collar gives more gripping forces in use with band clamping. Custom-made angle degrees and in-between distance makes it match perfectly with specific hose diameters.
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