• Cam & Groove Couplings

  • We provide quick-disconnect Cam-Lock in diversified fields of industries. They are produced in either casted and forged aluminum alloys, brass alloys, stainless steel series, poylypropylene compound and nylon reinforced fibre combination.
  • Cam-Lock couplings are available as the basic of type A, B, C, D, E, F, DC & DP, as well as couplings with double connections on both ends, German-specified range and more variant cam and groove type of couplings.
  • They are generally in the range from ½" to 8". Superior clamps, banding clamps and safety clamps are usually offered in package which is used for rubber hose assemblies per US, military and German industrial requirements.
  • The series are made according to basically A-A-59326 superseding Military MIL-C-27487, German EN/DIN standards and tailered dimensions per specific demands for equipments.
  • A Comprehensive Range of Cam and Groove

  • Fully interchangeable with A-A-59326 / MIL-C-27487
    Custom-made alloys, auto-locking system, shank details and constructions
  • Enhanced with T6 Heat Treatment

  • Camlock is one of the most popular quick couplings in the world. Among all materials aluminum alloy takes the dominant market share because it has the advantage of being light-weighted and physically endurable.
  • But the fact is there are plenty of low-quality productions that are working against that spirit. In order to secure sufficient strength achieving the least chance of breaking accident we are applying T6 heat treatment process to every single piece of aluminum alloyed camlocks.
  • Heat Treatment is the process whereby controlled heating and cooling is used to alter the physical and mechanical properties of metals without affecting any change in the shape of the objects. Heat treatment process is used to increase material strength and also to improve machining, formability and restore ductility.
  • Learn the full article about heat treatment process here.
  • We made a type test performed in a thir-party laboratory to testify that the mechanical strength of our couplings caps that from seven other companies without T6. Our aluminum alloy castings were snatched between 27.6 ~ 31.1 kN proving to be of the greatest strength.
  • Pressure Ratings (psi)

  • Cam and groove couplings are one of the most recognized types of quick disconnect fittings in industry. They are fast and reliable.
  • They are tempted to be used in so many different industries by unpredictable fashions of connection that the benchmark of pressure ranting is set up for the allowances per materials and sizes.
  • ½", 5" and 8" ranges being out of standard specification, they intended by our engineers to be interchangeable with high-profiled Dixon company's.
  • The pressure recommendations are based on mating couplings at ambient temperature (21°C / 70°F).
  • SizePressure Ratings (psi)
    Aluminum AlloyBrass AlloyStainless SteelPolyPropylene1Nylon Compound
    ½" 150 150 150 75 100
    ¾" 250 250 250 75 100
    1" 250 250 250 75 100
    1¼" 250 250 250 75 100
    1½" 250 250 250 75 100
    2" 250 250 250 75 100
    2½" 150 150 225 75 100
    3" 125 125 200 50 50
    4" 100 100 100 50 50
    5" 75 75 100 - -
    6" 75 75 100 - -
    8" 50 50 50 - -
    ¹ Rating for Polypropylene's is valued according to in-house type test results which is likely to vary from other manufacturers'.
  • Pressure and temperature duration may vary on different sealing materials are used. Overly hot temperature from either the passing media or the surroudnings should cause a slip-away thus leakage if using the seals improperly.
  • Complex sealing materials, like PTFE plus NBR fully-closure gaskets, would be recommended for the capacity to endure aggressive chemicals without losing elasticity because of using so hard material as PTFE.