• NF DSP & AR Couplings

  • material

  • aluminum alloy

    brass alloy

    bronze alloy

  • sealing

  • black NBR gasket

    NBR sealing ring

  • range

  • DN 40

    DN 50

    DN 100

  • Tech Specs

  • hose shank male thrd female thrd bronze alloy male thrd female thrd segment binding male wo. lk female wo. lk chain plug

    DSP and AR resemble NF Guillemin couplings in that DSP are used for pressure, AR for suction purposes in firefighting field; Guillemin for general industrial use.

    The lock mechanism (LK - locking ring) is made on both or either of the coupled sets.

    Required shape of hose shank can be made, as the ribbed tail for band-clamping assembly.

    Bronze DSP ranges are now available for sale.


  • nbr gasket thread seal

    NBR delivery gasket is usually provided aluminum, brass and bronze alloyed fittings.

    Sealing ring of NBR and optional PTFE is inserted for internal thread.

    Plating steel or brass wrench is available for ranges DN 20~115, DN 20~65 and DN 50~100.


  • chains wrench multi-func wrench

    Chains of plated steel and stainles steel are available to be attached to plugs.


  • NF S61-701 — Raccords destinés à la lutte contre les incendies


  • BSPP


    • Aluminum alloy

    • T6 heat treatment

    • Brass alloy

    • Sandblasting

    • Bronze alloy

    • Sandblasting

    Material and Finish

  • Casted aluminum alloy

    Forged aluminum alloy

    Forged brass alloy

    Sand casting bronze alloy


  • Branding on claws, or space above lock-ring

    Nominal dimension, eg. DN 50

    Pressure rating, eg. PN25


  • EUR standard pallet

    LW 120 × 80 cm