holedall couplings

HoleDall® Couplings

HoleDall® coupling system was originated from company Dixon Valve & Coupling who is one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of hose fittings and accessories since 1940 in the United States.

The Holedall® coupling system provides a safe and cost effective method of outstanding strength and durability of attaching couplings to hose. Ease of operation, flexibility and economy make the Holedall method an un-equaled hose assembly system.

With both Internal Expansion and External Swage Couplings, the Holedall® system utilizes a cold worked, draw type progressive swage method which gives a full 360° uninterrupted expansion or compression band around the hose, giving superb coupling retention and end load characteristics.

The Holedall® range of External Crimp Couplings which includes an interlocking groove and collar offers an alternative safe and secure method of producing hose assemblies to 8" nominal bore.

Only quality assured, materials are used in the production of Holedall Couplings, with materials used for swaging having been selected to establish the proof/yield stress to ensure that brittle fracture does not occur. Certification in accordance with EN10204 3.1. is available with all couplings.

The Holedall® system does not stop at couplings. We also manufacture and supply a range of machines for hose assembly including, Internal Expansion Machines, External Swaging Machines, Dual Swaging Machines, External Crimping Machines and Coupling Inserting Machines and Hydrostatic Test Pumps.