SME Blog - Quick Couplings
SME comes up with an evolved utility station with modularized integration featuring leak free, visual friendly, space saving, compatible, reuse possible and modularizing.
SME polypropylene safety clamp units go in compliance with EN 14420-3, featuring light-weighted and robust in fiberglass compound, having greater resistance to aggressive chemicals.
SME Barcelona delivery hose couplers and adapters are designed for quick connections with fire engines, layflat hoses and hydrant outlets. The couplings are designed, produced and tested in compliance
SME Russian couplers and adapters are designed for quick connections with fire engines, layflat hoses and hydrant outlets. The couplings are designed, produced and tested in compliance with GOST 28352
SME safety clamps are two-piece clamp units secured with bolt sets or single pins in compliance with EN 14420-3. Bolt-fixed construction makes them reuseable when dismantled. A dozen of EN standard fi
In addition to liquid media in the industrial field, air media is also one of the commonly used energy sources. As a common energy source, the air is highly efficient, clean, cheap and easy to adjust,
High end KLAW dry break couplings are perfect from any direction. Drop test reveals the integrity of strong handles.
Break Away Coupling is a high-end safety valve commonly used in the chemical industry. Compared with the function of dry joints, the use of pull-off valves is more profound.
Nowadays, natural gas, which ordinary people usually use for cooking and heating, is also used as vehicle fuel. Compared with diesel, natural gas combustion produces very little pollution and does not
Today about 30% of manufacturers sell aluminum alloy cams without Heat Treatment in Europe. Different from non optimal suppliers, we strictly adopt T6 heat-treated aluminum products in SME.
Dry-Break Coupling is used in many industrial environments for the transportation of various fluids. A new release dry break coupling from SME is now on market after multiple type and field tests.
China passed the "10 Measures for Environmental Protection" since 2013. We're using a better plating process for your air hose couplings.
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the chemical field belongs to class A and A dangerous fire hazard with the very low flash point, easy combustion, large volume expansion coefficient and explosion risk
Fully processed sanitary couplings are the enemy carrier against bacteria or potential residue. Check SME dairy and 3-A sanitation certificated fitting series.
SME helps to mark threaded couplings with positioning scale for precise connection without fail.
The petrochemical environment is full of high - risk inflammable and explosive goods, is a national high - risk industry. SME Industry has the honour to provide professional and safe fluid connection
SME Blog - Valves, Pipe Fittings
SME wet alarm valve works with the partition seat ring and arc-joined disc giving it easy to move and good in position.
Based on the initial development of water control valves, SME has come up with the upgraded series with dual controller. After installation, the valves are able to keep functional without further
SME vacuum breaker is designed to prevent vacuum conditions from occurring in pipes or tanks. It is mounted at critical pipeline high points and allows for rapid inflow of atmospheric air to reduce va
The South-to-North Water Diversion project promoted by the Chinese government in 2012 is a basic project to optimize the allocation of water resources and promote coordinated regional development.
We are so proud our DN800 breaker valves have been successfully put in use in Uzbekistan.
Check out our updated non-return pressure valves for high temperature and pressure applications.  
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