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Body Test: No visual leakage or structural failure under pressure 2.4MPa for lasting 180s. Air Test: No visual leakage at either stage 0.1MPa, 0.2MPa, 0.3MPa, 0.4MPa, 0.5MPa or 0.6MPa.
We offer MKS lever coupler and VKS by the integrated hose tail, made of brass and 316. Less potential leakage than combination of a coupler plus a thread fitting. NBR, FPM CSM gaskets attached.
Layflat hoses in firefighting and irrigation use connectors like Bauer, LDHC, and multi-lugged Storz couplings for efficient water transfer.
Addressing PFAS contamination: regulate/ban PFAS, cleanup polluted sites, research health effects, raise awareness, collaborate for solutions.
Superior clamps: Innovative, reliable, and versatile solutions for secure fastening across industries.
EN 14420-6 compliant TW couplings improve safety and efficiency in chemical transport, ensuring secure connections and preventing leaks.
Recent fire hose fitting failure due to electrolytic corrosion emphasizes the need for thorough inspections and maintenance in maritime safety. Take action to prevent similar incidents.
NC Machines: Precision meets creativity as cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship shape the future of manufacturing.
Triclamp fittings ensure aseptic integrity in industries, with their hygienic design, easy assembly, and compatibility, safeguarding product quality.
This comprehensive guide outlines the prime procedure to control thread correctness, covering standards, inspection, calibration, training, and documentation.
Surface profilometers: essential for evaluating sanitary fittings' roughness, ensuring compliance in industries like food, pharma, biotech.
Sealing Solutions for Extreme Conditions: Metal-to-Metal and More! Explore heat-resistant materials and robust techniques for reliable seals.
Ferrules: vital connectors in industries. Features: strength, leak resistance. Uses: hoses, plumbing, electrical. Production: materials, machining, quality control.
Exploring the versatility of corrugated pipes: their construction, applications, benefits, and considerations for efficient drainage and beyond.
Corrugated PU food transferring hoses with sanitary couplings ensure safe, efficient, and hygienic transfer of food products in the industry.
Strainers and filters in fire truck water systems, integrated in storz couplings or as add-ons, protect equipment by preventing debris, ensuring clean water supply for effective firefighting.
Explore the robustness of mortar couplings in heavy-duty fluid transfer, highlighting their features and applications with cam-arms.
Hose bumpers protect fittings & couplings, with features like thickness, material, physical resistance, preventing contamination in industrial settings.
Explore how lightweight materials enhance firefighter safety, with a focus on the efficiency of aluminum nozzles in water delivery systems.
Discover the superior durability, cleaning power, and versatility of stainless steel industrial washdown guns.
Enhancing irrigation efficiency: PVC hoses (flexible/rigid) for water transfer and quick-disconnect couplings (polypropylene/aluminum) for easy connections.
Fire hydrants & pit holes help firefighters fight fires. Hydrants provide water, pit holes access below-ground outlets. Use safely to prevent accidents.
Whipcheck cables: Essential safety devices for hose connections, with some excellent ones reaching a snatch limit of 42,000 N.
Efficient vacuum-applied hoses and reliable couplings are essential for hygienic home sewage tank operations.
Bauer couplings: versatile, durable, quick connections for fluid transfer. Unique connical sealing faces allow for flexible angular connection.
Cam arms in cam and groove couplings: Material choice (stainless steel or brass), quality manufacturing, and compatibility are key factors for durability and reliable fluid transfer.
Madrid's hydrant system: strategic planning, standardized sizes (2.5-4"), threaded connectors, maintenance, and firefighter training ensure effective fire protection.
Refueling tankers provide fuel to planes, reducing ground time and increasing efficiency. Regular maintenance and environmental concerns must be addressed.
Union couplings are essential in the sanitary industry, connecting pipes and hoses securely and with hygiene in mind.
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