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Body Test: No visual leakage or structural failure under pressure 2.4MPa for lasting 180s. Air Test: No visual leakage at either stage 0.1MPa, 0.2MPa, 0.3MPa, 0.4MPa, 0.5MPa or 0.6MPa.
We offer MKS lever coupler and VKS by the integrated hose tail, made of brass and 316. Less potential leakage than combination of a coupler plus a thread fitting. NBR, FPM CSM gaskets attached.
Serration makes it better than standard smooth connection. It stays true with Cam and Groove couplings per EN14420 series. SME is stocking full range of CG DIN for overnight delivery in our facility.
The GO gauge checks if the thread meets the minimum required size, while the NO GO gauge checks if the thread exceeds the maximum allowable size. By using both gauges, we can verify that the thread...
Parallel & tapered threads differ in sealing function. Correct thread match crucial for tight seal. Cam & groove adapters need specific sealing methods.
Humidity in compressed air causes damage. Prevention: air dryers/filters, system design, maintenance. Removal: desiccant/refrigerated dryers, drain valves, separators.
Comparison of crimping and bolted hose clamps for fittings. Crimping for high pressure, bolted clamps cheaper but require maintenance. Standards exist.
Anodizing Storz couplings for firefighting can increase durability, performance, and appearance, with options like hardcoat anodizing and powder coating.
Composite hoses are versatile and customizable for industrial applications, with benefits of resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and a range of couplings.
Toughened glass or polycarbonate is commonly used for sight glasses in quick connect couplers, with other options available depending on specific requirements, necessary for industrial operations.
Static and dynamic seals are crucial in hose couplings, fittings, and API valves. The proper design and selection of seals are critical for safe and efficient operation.
Welding is essential in product connection, repair, and customization. Proper preparation, grounding, and inspection are necessary for a strong and safe weld.
Nylon's properties make it optimal for hose couplings in heavy-duty media transfer. Lightweight, strong, durable, and chemical-resistant.
A standard dry break coupling ensures safe LNG transfer in bunkering, storage, and tanker refueling applications, with fast connection and no spillage.
Sealant compatibility is vital in industrial media transfer. Material, temperature, pressure, and duration affect suitability. Materials include NBR, EPDM, FPM, PTFE, PUR, CR, CSM, and MQV.
API/IP 1584 Manual is the industry standard for aviation fuel handling and quality control. The 10th edition reflects the changing industry needs and provides a comprehensive guidance.
Key qualities of fire fittings: durable (forged aluminum), compatible (standard threads), safe (locking mechanisms), versatile, and easy to use.
Washdown guns are crucial cleaning tools in food and sanitary processing plants. Their controlled spray pattern helps prevent contamination, making products safe for consumption.
Dry Disconnect Couplings (DDCs) compliant with STANAG 3756 Tank Unit offer spill-free, safe, and environmentally friendly fluid transport.
Steel and nylon-made sandblasting nozzles and fittings, with robust abrasive industrial heavy-duty hoses, are ideal for heavy-duty sandblasting work.
Prevent hose twisting and bending with the right hose, swivel fitting, hose reel, straightening and training techniques.
Flanged Camlock fittings offer fast, leak-proof connections & versatile flange attachment. Stainless steel option resists corrosion.
Understanding thread types is critical for safe coupling installation. Proper identification, installation, and maintenance prevent leakage and damage.
Aluminum is the ideal material for road tanker outlets due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring safe and efficient material transfer.
Guillemin coupling: symmetrical, no-hose-twist quick disconnect coupling for high-pressure transfer. Versatile, cost-effective choice for industries.
Explore methods for connecting flexible hoses and hard piping used to transport liquids and gases in industrial and commercial applications.
Forged aluminum fittings are superior to casted ones in mechanical strength, making them the preferred choice for firefighting fittings like Storz.
Sanitary couplings ensure product safety with stainless steel, precision machining & food-grade seals. Male RD & female liner couplings create secure connections.
Using compressed air and couplings in jackhammer operation is crucial. This article covers their importance, types of couplings used, advantages and disadvantages, and safety measures.

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