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More than Coupling with SME
for Industrial Flexible Connection & Quick-Disconnection
All Couplings, Valves and Accessories
GK German claw couplings Geka air hoses
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (1.4408, 1.4301)
Storz hose couplings delivery suction din firefighting
Aluminum (A356), S/S (1.4408, 1.4301), Brass (CW614N, CW617N)
Thread foot valve cast iron coating NPT strainer
Steel (Plating, Galvanizing), Iron (D.I)
Foot valves strainers filters brass screen mesh
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), Bronze, S/S (1.4408)
Check valve spring non return brass
Brass (CW614N, CW617N, Chrome)
Washdown guns spraying nozzles industrial big volume
Brass (CW614N, CW617N, Chrome), S/S (316)
Pin lug couplings water connection
Polypropylene (Fiberglass)
KC combination COMBO hose barb menders
Steel (Plating, Galvanizing), S/S (1.4301, 304), Aluminum (A356), Brass (CW614N)
Express couplings NF claw clamp French air hoses
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (1.4408, 1.4301)

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All couplings, hose accessories, and valves for water pumping systems are categorized separately.