More than Coupling with SME
for Industrial Flexible Connection & Quick-Disconnection
G01 German GK claw coupler by hose tail serration
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
G04 German GK internal BSPP threaded coupler
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
G05 German GK external BSPP threaded coupler
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
G10 French NF coupler by hose tail NFE29573
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
G15 French NF blank cap chain attachment possible
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
G18 Bauer welding connection
Carbon steel (galvanizing)
G21 KC BSPT NPT thread fitting serration king combination nipples
Carbon steel (plating), Aluminum, Brass, S/S (304, 316)
G22 KC BW welding fitting king combination nipples
Carbon steel (plating), S/S (316)
G24 KC flanged welding king combination nipple
Carbon steel (plating), S/S (304)
G25 Hose mender connecting joint
Carbon steel (plating), S/S (304)
G26 Spring check valves
Brass (CW614N, CW617N, Chrome)
G27 Foot valve with strainer and screen
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), Bronze, S/S (316)
G28 Block foot valve by internal thread
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), Bronze, S/S (316)
G29 Foot valve cast iron coating NPT strainer
Carbon steel (plating, galvanizing), Iron (D.I)
Pin lug couplings water connection
Polypropylene (glassfiber)
T02 Storz brass and 316 coupling by hose tail
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
T03 Storz DIN hose tail with collar aluminum brass and 316
Aluminum (A356), S/S (1.4408), Brass (CW614N)
T20 BIC hose coupler and adapter ribbed serration
Aluminum (A356), Brass (CW614N), Bronze
T25 Barcelona hose coupler by hose tail UNE23400
Aluminum (A356), Brass (CW614N)
T29 GOST hose coupler by hose tail
Aluminum (A356), Brass (CW614N), Bronze

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