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More than Coupling with SME
for Industrial Flexible Connection & Quick-Disconnection
All Couplings, Valves and Accessories
K18 Cam and Groove spool adapter reduction AA59326
Aluminum (A356), S/S (1.4408, 1.4301)
K24 Spare chains with hook or ring
Carbon steel (plating), S/S, Polypropylene
K26 Flat gasket camlock spare NBR EPDM FPM CSM
NBR (Black), EPDM (White), FPM (Green), CSM (Blue)
K27 Open envelope flat gasket camlock spare NBR EPDM FPM
NBR (Black), EPDM (White), FPM (Green), PTFE (White)
K28 Thread seal Camlock DIN EN14420 NBR PTFE PUR
NBR (Black), PTFE (White), PUR (Brown)
Safety clamps EN14420 DIN2817 bolted clamping LNC TW
Aluminum (A356), S/S (1.4408, 1.4301), Brass (CW614N, CW617N)
Slip on flanges ASME ASTM B16.5
Carbon Steel (plating), S/S (304, 316)
T02 Storz brass and 316 coupling by hose tail
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
T03 Storz DIN hose tail with collar aluminum brass and 316
Aluminum (A356), S/S (1.4408), Brass (CW614N)
T11 Screw-on straining cage attachment Storz connection
Aluminum (A356), Carbon steel (plating)
T12 Storz brass and 316 internal BSPP thread
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
T13 Storz brass and 316 external BSPP thread
Brass (CW614N, CW617N), S/S (316)
T14 Storz blank cap with chain attachment
Aluminum (A356), S/S (1.4408), Brass (CW614N)
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All couplings, hose accessories, and valves for water pumping systems are categorized separately.